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Advanced Titusville Laser Eye Surgery

Are you looking for advanced eye care services in Titusville? You need an eye center you can trust—one that utilizes advanced equipment and proven procedures. Fortunately, Titusville Eye Doctor is an experienced provider of state-of-the-art eye care. We have been performing advanced medical and surgical eye procedures for years.

Our laser eye surgery method, known as PRK (photorefractive keratectomy), is an advanced and trusted method that preceded LASIK® and used to be more common. Many eye surgeons still rely on PRK for the following reasons:

  • Beneficial for surgical procedures on larger pupils or thin corneas
  • Precise excimer laser beam
  • Reshapes the cornea for clearer vision
  • Benefits both nearsighted and farsighted patients
  • Corrects astigmatism

Trusted Cataract Surgery in Titusville

As a leading provider of advanced eye-surgery procedures, Titusville Eye Doctor also provides innovative cataract surgery. If you are looking for solutions to cataracts that are quicker, safer, and more effective than typical surgeries, give us a call. You will benefit from the latest technologies during the procedure and be amazed at your improved vision after your treatment:

  • Many patients see 20/20 without glasses
  • No stitches or needle injections near the eye
  • Maximizes the quality of your vision
  • Maximizes patient safety
  • Reduces discomfort and anxiety

How Our Cataract Treatment Procedure Works

Cataracts become more common as people progress through their 50s and 60s. Normally, your eyes' lenses are crystal clear, but they can begin to become cloudy and yellowish over time. This dims your vision, especially at night, and may also create a glare. Here are the basic steps involved in correcting this condition:

  • Anesthetic to reduce discomfort
  • Insertion of a microscopic instrument into the lens through a tiny incision
  • Use of an instrument to gently break up the cataract and draw the small pieces out of the eye
  • Rest for a short time at the eye center
  • Follow-up visit to our eye center within 24 hours for examination
  • Use of prescribed eye drops and instructions not to rub eyes as they heal

Reliable Eyesight Correction and Eye Surgery

Call the Titusville Eye Doctor for any issue with your eyes, whether you need simple eyesight correction or more advanced procedures. Our experienced eye doctor provides premier Titusville laser eye surgery through innovative and effective solutions.

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